Hic sunt leones AKA Giovanni Santini's personal blog. For real, yeah.

Introducing myself

Finally, here I am. I finally made it. I did what no one ever succeded in. Yeah. I setted up a blog. Yeah. ... Uh. Lots of people already did with Wordpress, you say? Doh.

Yeah, I've got lots of sarcasm.

Who the hell are you?

The one who's writing this blog. Even if you now can't sense it. Anyways, I'm an IT student who loves new things. In particular, I love simple stuff that works fine.

As this website, for example.

Is built over a static website generator which handles Markdown files, the awesome Jekyll and the even more awesome Lanyon theme.

Even this post is written in Markdown, which is just formatted plain text.

Interested? Take a look here.

Seriously, who are you?

Fine, even if I'm asking to myself (while writing this post, you should know). I'm Giovanni Santini, as for now an Italian Informatics Science universitary student; I've lots of Internet stuff (Facebook, Google+, YouTube et cetera) and probably you already know me for some of them (if you do).

Here I'll post some thoughts about my IT/nerding adventures (yuppie) or about my philosophy (I love logics and similar stuff). I'll fix in some time the About page, so you'll be able to contact me.

And, as an important man said, KTHXBYE

Or was it just LOLCODE? Nevermind.